Frequently Asked Questions

Risk Reduction Program

What is included?

The $360.00 course cost covers the following items:
- Pre-course NEEDS Assessment
- 20 Risk Reduction Program Instruction
- Required course text
- Certificate at completion of course

How soon can I take the course?

Click the buttom below to view our course schedule or call us at (229) 723-4405 for more information.

Is the course long?

The Risk Reduction Program, or DUI School, is a mandatory length of 20 hours. The below schedule is how we fulfill this requirement:

Friday from noon ET - 4 :00 

Saturday from 8 am ET - 5 pm ET
Sunday from 8 am ET - 5 pm ET


Our DUI Schools accept LEVEL I students from Alabama and Florida.  Alabama students need to check with the Court Referral Office (CRO) and Florida students need to check with Probation. Our Alcohol and Drug Education Class is QUICKER with a COMPLETION CERTIFICATE in ONE WEEKEND.  Call Bainbridge @  229-254-9371 or Blakely @ 229-723-4405.     


The Risk Reduction Program (DUI School), is a 20 hour course for certificate of completion of course to obtain a reissued driver's license. It is an Alcohol and Drug Education Class for DUI and Drug Offenders. Courses are held most weeks at either  Bainbridge or Blakely, Georgia. The course fee,  set by the state of Georgia, is $360.00.  Payment is to be made via cash, money order, or Cashier's Check at time of registration. Registration process takes approximately one hour to complete paperwork, which must be done prior to  the start of the 20 hour course. All students must prepay when registering, which has to be, at least 1 day prior to class time.  Please see below for more information.